Sunday, April 6, 2014

Take 2: NZ

Two days ago, we arrived back in Christchurch - home base. Since my last update a lot has happened. A fair amount of fishing, tramping, sight seeing and of course, bug killing. I am now one rod poorer (broke a 5 wt 9 ft in the middle casting a dry fly, go figure) and one phone poorer. The latter is certainly the most devastating as with that phone went a full month of photos. Oh well. You will have to take my word on the fact that there were browns, plenty of them, some reached Instagram, while most disappeared with that mobile as it followed one such fish into a deep pool on one night fishing escapade. 

There is something at night...that bites...
An old man in Maine once taught me that the coming of dusk is no time to relinquish the fly rod. In fact, there are fish to be caught at night as well and they are often well worth the effort. Here are a few pics from this last month's "night bite". 

A mouse hungry brown.

Clear water rainbows
I have never met a fish that has challenged a Steele at the top of my list of beauty and power, but these are some real pretty relatives and they can pack a punch themselves.

This buck had a hat trick + 1 of aerials before coming to net.
Kat strikes with a day time beauty on the dry. And yes it was raining, sandflies that is.
*Sandflies are NZ version of blackflies, a little less nasty but often shows up droves. 
A little less than a month left here in this great land, but there are plenty more fish to be targeted. 



Jesse Lance Robbins said...

Here here! Awesome repot, OO. Your game is getting good, I can tell. Keep it up and keep us posted. Your Freedom Beard is looking good. Hi to the Vanderties.

Keith said...

Some serious fins on those fish Clark! Glad to hear your alive.

Halsch said...

Holy trout batman! Those are beauties

Lucas "Horm" Young said...

Good shit right there that is! You have no idea the nostalgia and desire to return that flares up in me while enjoying your pictures and stories...