Founded in 1999, the Bates Fishing Club offers students of Bates College the opportunity and necessary resources to experience a variety of different forms of angling in Maine.  We provide equipment and the expertise to ensure a positive angling experience.  Whether you've been fishing since you were five, or have never cast a line, the BFC is here to eagerly assist you in your angling expeditions.  

"The Bates Fishing Club was founded on the fundamental belief that Maine's waterways are precious treasures.  It is the mission of the Bates Fishing Club to preach conservation, education and to share the experience of angling Maine's waters to all who seek the freedom of the water."  - Lane, Robbins, Wilkie, 2006 

The BFC's ice luge of 2002.
On the ice, winter 2002.

OGs by The Puddle, 2003.
Fall on the Presumpscot River, 2004.
At the trailhead for Tumbledown Mountain, 2003.
Outer Banks, 2005.
 2005's Rod Squad team.
The BFC in 2006

On the ice in 2006.

BFC initiates, 2004
BFC initiates in 2006.