Friday, September 27, 2013

The hunter and the hunted

A few days ago, I arrived home after 11 days in the Allagash Wilderness. I had the distinct opportunity to canoe the acclaimed Allagash River. This waterway has a historic value in both it's phenomenal brook trout fishing and notoriety in it's place literature - via Thoreau. My girlfriend, Katherine, and I set out to pursue both the hunter, Musky, and the hunted, brook trout.  I grew up fishing the St. John River, which was once know as a productive and fabled brook trout fishing river. Long story short, muskellunge "musky" were inadvertently introduced to the watershed and the trout vanished like a freshman waking up next to the "musk" of old man Wilkie. I am not sure that this is the root of their name, but it certainly could be. Musky have since taken a strong hold over the St. John and Mainers near and far are rightfully concerned that these fish are going to get into the Allagash and it's headwaters. Luckily, there is a 40 ft waterfall keeping them at bay.

A healthy Chamberlain brook trout.

Get ready for the "big dance".

Eagle Lake provides the brookie of the trip.

Katherine holds up the beast - her first Musky.

Near 20 brook trout came to net over the first 10 days and 3 Musky over the final 1. Back to civilization.


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

righteous! a fine adventure indeed! well done sir! how much longer are you around?

Halsch said...

Awesome Clark!

Keith said...

Good looking fish and anglers

Andrew Wilkie said...

Clark, not sure how I didn't post a comment on this since I've read it probably 3 or 4 times. I remember your report prior to your post and I must admit you greatly downplayed those Brookies....some handsome fish there. That big Musky is a web gem as well. Awesome trip, well done my friend!

Unknown said...

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