Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Binge Fishing (Day 1)

I went on a three day binge late last week on a river where spectacular things happen around this time of year.  You either miss it, nail it, or enjoy the pre and post glory of what can only be described as an awe inspiring wonder.

Day 1 began just as that, a single day with no plans extending beyond the moments spent on the water.  I was invited to join two compatriots, one a guide, one a Rangeley resident down at Forest Lodge.  The Lodge is a remote, rustic sporting camp on one of the most famous wild trout rivers on the eastern seaboard.  I arrived early where the swift water met the glassy surface on an unspoiled pond in the western mountains of Maine. 

It began well as I measured a 22.75" of my largest taken in Maine

They continued to come in the 20" class

We jumped aboard our transportation (courtesy of Forest Lodge) which proved quite convenient behind this heavily gated track of land

We enjoyed lunch in the Guide's camp

Forest Lodge is rich in history, dating back to the days when the writer Louise Dickenson Rich wandered into the wilderness and wrote "We Took to the Woods" at this very location
For guests or the backwoods vagrant who happens to stumble across owner Aldro French's property, there is a quaint fly shop where one can acquire stealthy homegrown patterns to tempt the trout.

The lodge is simple, it's water feeds by gravity from a cedar holding tank, gas lights and an outdoor privy. The owner is excentric yet friendly and appears to have enjoyed a cocktail or two with friends, guests and travelers alike. It is more remote than many people have had the luxury of experiencing and most notably it is for sale; for a cool $1.2 million you can own it.

Big fish continued to come to hand after lunch and one by one they swam back into the depths

All told we landed close to 20 fish between the three of us with plenty of beauties in the mix.  The next day was to be a day of work but the quality of these fish and the caliber of this day had me itching to get back on the water. 

I was back on the river the next day.


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

great looking fish and a great story my friend. keep the bender going!

a cool 1.2M, eh? count me in for $2k.

Lucas "Horm" Young said...

You don't find much for better fish in Maine than that right there! Wilkie you get it done. I'll match Jesse's $2k, seems like a worthwhile investment...

BillyGas said...

Beauties. What was the ticket Wilks....the ol' B.B.D.?

My Cabelas credit card just bumped its lending allowance to $7.5k. Would be happy to give it a good swipe for this joint.

Keith said...

Thats a big girl!