Sunday, September 9, 2012

I took Pippa Middleton pike fishing on my 5 year wedding anniversary and hooked up

Anniversarys are meant to be spent with the ones you love. So you do the right thing, rent a cabin, get some flowers and wait for your lovely wife to show up. In the mean time, you head out pike fishing.

My first pike on the fly. Thank you Wik for setting up the weekend and being so generous with your tips,
Thanks to JLR and the Redington crew for the fine 10' Wt Predator and thanks to my understanding wife.


Halsch said...

That is Awesome

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

alright jasper! great fish man! boat's lookin good too!

Morrell said...

yes. nomination for best post title of the year

BillyGas said...

hells yeah Jasper. pretty fish.

Keith said...

Awesome fish Jasper.

Andrew Wilkie said...

Nice fucking camp that place must belong to some Hilljack. You worked for that fish....hard, more than most will know. I am glad to have passed along intel that produced on my home waters buddy. Happy 5th wedding onto my own 5th this coming weekend. Much love