Friday, September 7, 2012

From the BFC Archives: For Your Friday Enjoyment and/or Confusion

Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 01:14:55 -0500  
Subject: [fishing] DRUNK, FLOPPY FLUFFY

Hear Ye, Hear She, Brooke Anable

Esteemed members of the significant organization of which we are honored to be
affiliated with, on behalf of Master Lurer and Baiter, Machias Schoen and Co-
Bassmaster, J-Nuts, we stank you very much.

Any who, the break has been broken, tolls have been token, and bells
(parenthetic reference: liberty bell, bitches, look it up) have been broken.

Yonder foible initiates commencement per se.  Starchen of yonder belonging is
cuntrument of my writes.  I prayish to thair fiscious God, fairing geefs and
bellwelly.  The surf hath cost thouest nostra superior cottish.  Computing
alsowherever yungun typereth hour past hour.  Deciferation encouraged a la
cafe du CYBURR.

Pray all moist lips and valentine spoonings.  Feesh Gods fair us well,
companionions.  * ***** *****, that you Chet? - Fiddy Cent.

Singing out and off and in,
J.L. Robbins, ms (mul
iple, scerosis biatches ouch

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