Tuesday, March 31, 2009

motion in the ocean (or wherever else you may tempt a fish)

here you go wilkie. the first fly is one tied in the same way and size as the biggest fly i posted earlier, although a bit sparser. around 12 inches. here in the tub the peackock herl strays from the profile, but these guys lay down marvelously in the current, swimming and beathing their way along.

the second fly is the second to top in the earlier picture. and the third is a fly i tied in a combination of chartreuse and orange and red and white. BITE ME, FISH!!!. without herl in the way, we can see the tail and body swaying as one!

and a picture i took with my thumb accidentally over a little hole on the camera. the screen then went blank, the thing made some weird noises and after a moment came back to life. giving me this strange picture. i like to think that its the view from the inside of my finger.