Thursday, April 2, 2009

the mightiest angler

i really want to go fishing with this fine fellow. and i would like to hear some haikus about this wondeful picture! i would make one up, but sylables are hard for me. so we will see...


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

from the depths of hope
a fish beast like no other
poseidon giveth

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

the rod nearly breaks
a moby dick of a fish
lee wulff ain't got shit

Andrew Wilkie said...

Pumpkinseed Sunfish
Mightiest that you can be
Still no match for me

Patrick Lyons said...

a wee lad he be
his catch smaller, yet he knows
a fish is a fish

pete said...

with barred teeth, and boots
the animal bristles
now we all can feast

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

got my rod and reel
got my vest and my big boots
can you bait my hook?

pete said...

the parents of this triumphant fisherman have very much enjoyed our work here. so much so that the mother will be posting some of them on her facebook page! published poets are we!

i am going to have to give all of the credit to the mettle of our fine fishing friend here. dear sir, you are in inspiration!