Saturday, March 14, 2009

The BFC Smelts'em'down

A couple Saturdays ago, some of the active elite of the BFC took to the ice in search of the one truly formidable adversary: Dirty Kennebec River Smelts.

Eleven members took to two 6 men shacks and brought the furry to the waters. After many drinks the river had neither smiled nor frowned upon us, with over 100 hooked, some breakoffs and thrown hooks, 33 smelt were brought to the ice. Of those 7 lost their heads to the canines of the BFC's best.

NOTE: The BFC is preparing for the Jackman trip as we will depart tomorrow night. The furry has just begun.


Andrew Wilkie said...

way to get 'em on the ice brotha. Epic Grishma video!

Anonymous said...

getting furry bro, getting furry

Morrell said...

Yes Grishma. Yes

Good stuff guy. keep it comin!

Keith said...

Awesome bro, way to keep the BFC active and aggressive!