Monday, July 28, 2008


I spent the weekend with Pete a little while ago and while we caught (very) few fish, none especially large or spectacular, I got the chance to witness this marvelous being in its natural state, so to speak. I viewed its living quarters, joined it in the consumption of various foods and substances, slumbered under its roof and tried to absorb as many of its thoughts as I could. I viewed its current literature and recognized them as fuel for its fire. One such piece of literature grabbed me and I came home and purchased a copy for myself, to stoke my own flame. Below is one short essay I found particularly enjoyable and appropriate. I hope everyone can throw this log onto their own fires.

"Intuition" by Ken Abrames

I like intuition. It teaches me. It makes me become aware of things I know but do not know I know. It comes somehow and arrives full grown and I feel it in my whole being and yet I cannot define it. It's a feeling, a sort of, king of knowing feeling, one that you can't quite understand but if you don't act on, you always regret. The kind of regret that comes when you don't buy flowers for someone when you want to. It's a loss, an irreplaceable one, and yet, it never exists except in a feeling; a feeling of missing something that cannot ever be experienced because the time for it is gone. Intuition is a word that refers to a state of knowing something in such an unfamiliar way that many of us choose to ignore its value and fail to recognize its silent power. It is a state of being that one can learn to cultivate and be aware of.

Intuition is not speculation or thinking nor is it meditation or contemplating. It defiitely comes upon you unaware. It's an all-of-a-sudden kind of thing, like a cool breeze you weren't expecting on a hot and sultry day or a deer that walks right up to you and gives you a sniff. It's a gift. To recognize and know that it is a gift is to begin to get in touch with the mystery that we are and live within. We can try to understand it but that only serves to bind it to words and words cannot contain it and so it slips away and hides from that approach. Understanding with the mind is not the path to intuition. Give yourself the freedom to feel and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.

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thus spake ken abrames.