Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cheeky Schoolie Tournament

Registration just opened for the 2016 Cheeky Schoolie Tournament. I've done this tournament twice in the past and both times were insanely fun - great fishing, great party. Would be awesome to see some more BFC presence there and get weekend accommodations together for a couple teams.  It's a one day tournament, teams of 2, fly fishing from shore only, all of Cape Cod. Lots of free swag and prizes. It's a hell of a lot of fun. Get on registering quick as it fills up fast!


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

I'd say Keith and Clark should enter, but I'm not sure if they know how to catch fish small enough to be considered "schoolies"?

Keith said...

How many fish are required to "win" this tournament?

Morrell said...

Haha, they should do alright with whoppers. Your score is the total inches of your 4 biggest stripers. Only fishing from shore is obviously a huge handicap. Last year the winner greased 2 in the low to mid twenties and 2 in the mid 30 inch range. There weren't a ton of big boys around at the time. In fact, we came super close to the top 3 of 75 teams with 4 fish around 21-22 inches. As the name suggests, lots of schoolies around at that time.