Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Carp Fishing in Tokyo

I recently returned from a business trip to Japan where I spent several days in Tokyo.  We had a couple days off to explore, so with our friend Daisuke as chauffeur, we made our way to a neighborhood whose name I can't remember, where there is a public carp fishery.

For the reasonable price of 1,000円 (~$10) per hour, you are granted angling access to this vibrant fishery, plus the use of a one-piece fiberglass pole, a net of your choosing plus a softball-sized wad of bait that I believe was cat food. 

The game is simple:  construct an almond-sized bait-ball around your hook, adjust your float to the desired depth, 'cast' your bait in, take seat on the provided milk crates and commence fishing.  And when I say 'fishing,' I mean take part in any one, or combination of the following: staring at your bobber; talking shit to your buddies; drinking warm, canned Japanese coffee (Black Boss being my preferred flavor); observe the talented locals land six fish before you get a bite; stare off into space and contemplate life; talk about life with your buddies; forget about your bait completely then check it, to reveal that it has been stolen; borrow your buddy's polarized glasses to see four carp swimming around your bait; smell your bait-stained fingers, cringe and try not to scratch your itching forehead; hoot and holler when your buddy hooks one; laugh when he loses it; applaud when he lands the next one; forget the time completely and then when you've used up a half hour more than your hour, fish your way back to the cash register trying to get one more bite.

Now that's some fishin' I'd like to do again!


Keith said...

If I had a yen for every time I was out carp fished by a japanese man, let's just say I'd be carp fishing more often...

Halsch said...

What a scene. Wet or dry cat food?

Morrell said...

WILD. Does the entry fee include the privilege of keeping your catch. See anybody spearfishing?