Friday, October 16, 2015

Cleveland Steel

BFC Alums,

I could use your input here. 

Recently made the move to Cleveland, the home of the LeBron James economy, rivers that catch on fire, great healthcare, and above all else, a Steelhead season that is about to start.

I've got plans to head out out to hit new waters over the next few weekends; so, I went to just check all my gear that I took with me in the move. Waders, check. Vest, check. Reel, needs some new line, but check. Fly boxes, need recommendations on what to use (suggestions welcome).

I finally got to all my rods and I open up the case for my 8-wt and found this:

Somewhere over the course of the last few years, the tip of my Scott got snapped off. I did some research and Scott has a good repair policy. Any idea how much a fix like this would cost?

I'd have to send the rod away to get it patched up. Will a 6-wt rod suffice for the early portion of the season? I had originally contemplated turning this 9-footer into an 8'6" but thought better of it after I found out their repair policy.

Also, never really fished for Steelhead before...any tips?


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

Hey Dylan,

Good to hear from you. Glad to hear you've got some fish in your back yard now!

Firstly, let's be sure you add an 'e' to the end of steel.

Next, I'd get that rod in the mail ASAP and see if you can get an expedited return from Scott. It should run you $50 - $75. But the sooner they get it, the sooner you'll get it back.

A 6-weight can get it done, but it'll definitely require a little more finesse during the fight. You'll want to get in touch with your local fly shop anyway, but they might have some rental gear you could use while your Scott is getting fixed. You might also look into purchasing a less-expensive Redington or something similar that you'd then have as a backup when your Scott returns.

I haven't fished the Ohio runs, but I believe Jasper has, so he may be able to offer some more tactical information. But generally speaking, you can catch Great Lakes steele on egg patterns fished under indicators or by swinging streamers. The former is usually more productive.

Check out Steelhead Alley Outfitters and their website for some information and I'd locate your closest fly shop soon too. As for fly boxes, you can spend a pretty penny on some fancy ones at the shop, or go to a local conventional store and get some super inexpensive Plano or Flambeau plastic boxes that work very well.

Good luck and keep us posted!


Jasper Walsh said...

Dylan, you are in a good spot at a good time of year. Let me know if I can help with some options or ship you out some fly ties. STEELE !

Keith said...

Dylan, congrats on the move. There is a bates guy named Charlie who lives in Buffalo. He fly fishes and can also clean your teeth for you if you need a new dentist. I realize that Buffalo and Cleveland are not exactly next door, but he might be able to help out with local fishing reports. You can facebook him too.