Friday, March 20, 2015


How good is Taylor Swift?

How good is “Jolene” by Ray Lamontagne?

As good as if Hemingway wrote it and Lee Wulff sang it… That good.

Exactly… That good.  She’s on tour this summer. Will you go? 

I wish I could, but if I went we would have an immediate connection and she would probably fall in love with me. And I can’t have that now that I’m in a relationship…

True. And that would break her heart. But. Think of the song she would write based on that heartbreak. It would be so good, you owe it to the world.

It would probably be her best work yet… Do you think she would ever get over me?

It really would… But you wouldn't make a dime from it and you’d be scorned by the public for breaking her heart. Double edged sword.

Maybe I just let her live the rest of her life in blissful ignorance, not knowing that I could have given her nothing that she doesn't need…

I think that’s the gentlemanly decision…


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

I'm glad we talked that through.

Clark Winchell said...

Spoken like a gentleman

Clark Winchell said...

Spoken like a gentleman