Sunday, April 14, 2013

Trout Where You'd Least Expect Them

I had visited the pond on two occasions after work since the ice went out a week ago; there were signs of life on the pond but only a couple fish had come to hand.  Working on the coast has its downsides when you live in the western mountains but for the last four or five years I have seemingly by coincidence, found myself working within striking distance of a pond that has become a new favorite right after ice out.  There is a legacy about this water in the fall but it has so much to do with timing that I haven't been able to strike it rich since I live two hours away.

I am nearly as excited to hike into this place as I am to drive into the great north woods, as it produces fish that very few places in the state can rival.  Morrell and I were talking on the phone and I explained my previous outings; he was skeptical I could tell but he told me he was going to investigate with his float tube last Thursday.  I held my breath that the intel provided would put a fish or two into his net.....he would understand all the hype as soon as he held one in his hand.

As luck would have it, Hammond Lumber flubbed an order for pine flooring on my job and I was out by noon.  I notified Morrell and each of us pointed our vehicles in the direction of the pond.  We rigged up, hiked in, and unlocked the canoe that I have graciously been given permission to use.  A few casts in and we each had enjoyed a follow to the boat and I could tell that Chris was becoming a believer.  "Drop me off on that Goose shit covered rock" he barked.  I obliged as I watched the flip flop wearing Brunswick native step into the mine field.

Morrell went tight, landed a beefy specimen but the camera was with me in the canoe 40 yards away.  He whooped it up and stated that he couldn't believe a fish of that magnitude could be caught outside the northern corridor of Maine.  The two of us went fish for fish over just a couple hours, landing six, hooking a few others and watching in amazement as a huge trout came an attacked one of the 17" Brookies we were working to the boat.  Chris found his salvation on a pond that few would expect to find such burly specimens. 

The season is still so young!


Morrell said...

I'm a believer! Now to powerwash the goose shit off my shooting head

Clark Winchell said...

Some beauties, are they natives?

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

gorgeous fish gents! awesome. wish i could join ya.

Lucas "Horm" Young said...

Wilkie you sumbitch! If only I were there too...