Saturday, February 9, 2013

Prom Season a step by step

Nor'Easter Nemo is upon us, 24" of snow in Newburgh, Maine.

Young men all across the globe are thinking of spring time, ice out and prom season. In prep I would like to show you a fly I have been working on called the "Senior" Prom Dress. The prom dress is a new age steelhead fly made popular by Scott Howell and he has hooked some hogs with it.

We all remember prom season, lots of prep for the big night.... the excitement of finding or asking the right date, friends, dancing, the potential of a late night encounter.....a tug even ?

These are the same things a fly fisherman is looking for , I hope this Step By Step helps lead to a tug for you.

The only note I would like to add is that is not a Junior Prom Dress.

Junior prom was a simple time, lots of coverage, long bland colors, a more adolescent time.

The Senoir Prom was a bit more wild, flashy colors, low cut tops and short skirts.... this is what we are looking for .

Junior Prom :

Senior Prom :

Start with a 4/0 Saltwater grade hook, thread wrap and add a short bucktail skirt :

Trim the wild ones and wrap a tight, tanned body, it is prom season you know...

Add your first skirt of flash, keep it sparse and somewhat revealing..... then pull the forward facing flash
back to cover her far side.

Now wrap the body, Rainbow braid is what I like, keep it tight son

Work on adding another layer to the profile by hollow tying bucktail and then folding it back towards the rear of the hook and wrapping your thread in front of NOT on top of the bucktail base

Add two colors of flash, trim and whip finish

You have now completed the lower half of your dress

I have started using a RIO product to attach my rear hooks to the front. I like a 5/0 up front, a little heavy on top you is prom season

You know the deal ..... wrap the wire up the hook shank, then fold it back towards the rear and re wrap, then add another bucktail "ruffle" to the top of your dress

Add your top layers of flash, a little longer now, covering her midsection

More Rainbow body braid and a sparse, low cut, reversed tied bucktail top

Fold down your collar  and add two more flashy layers, don't worry about the bulk in the front, that's head, it is prom season you know....

7mm Doll eyes, Clear Cure Goo and BAM

Now share your sexy new dress with your sexy friends, then go out and stick a fish


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

i'd take that lady to the prom.

Keith said...

Great step by step Jasper. Bring a few of those down to the boat this year and we'll test their durability!

Andrew Wilkie said...

Muskie on the fly...Wilkie vs. Walsh....who will strike first?!?