Monday, November 5, 2012


There is a legend that I finally had the pleasure of meeting this past Spring after decades of hearing about his legendary fishing prowess.  We have fished together, we have crushed countless trout this season, he will always outfish any guest he brings to his prized locations, and he is as giving and forthright with advice and fishing intel as anyone I've had the pleasure of fishing with; in short Wayne is a legend.  I possibly have explained the connection in a prior post between he and I but it all stems back to a longtime family friend and mentor Dave Comeau (Bowdoin grad.....BOOO....Bates takes CBB football title '12...YES!).  Dave and  Wayne are old chums from as far back as the 60's or maybe the 70's.  Their friendship led them into fishing as many of our own friendships have, and as retirement as settled in for both of these fine gents, fishing has once again taken hold.  Wayne does it all from trout/salmon fishing in Maine to Steelhead and Brown Trout fishing in Western NY.  We have been exchanging stories and reports recently after I returned from a recent trip to the SR and Wayne was stoked for his upcoming adventure with Dave and I believe a couple other old buddies.  Today I recieved a couple pics from Dave recapping their first day on a nameless creek in the Buffalo, NY region.......lets just say The Legend knows how to put his crew on amazing fish.  With a few more days left of fishing, the crew moves on to Steelhead waters after putting over 30 monster browns on the bank damn!

Well done Wayne & Dave, keep up the good work.......the BFC hopes your lines remain tight and that Steelhead find their way to the bank in the coming days!  Keep the reports and pics coming.


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

whoa. those guys eating eggs or what?

BillyGas said...

Good God.

Jasper Walsh said...

Nice to see the old guys kicking ass

Clark Winchell said...

holy brown town!