Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sea Runs

Its been a bit of an up and down battle figuring out the habits of sea run cutthroats, and it is still pretty perplexing. You go to places where you have caught fish at the same time, in the same type of tide, with the same peak, coming from the same low, and yet the fishing can be completely different. We tie flies that we think will work, but does it really matter what you throw in front of these fish? Do they care, are they rejecting your presentations, are they even there? You can't catch a fish without your fly in the water so you just fish it. I have come to accept that some days they will be there and some days they will not. That seems to be the nature of cutthroat fishing.

This is not to say that some things haven't been figured out, as much as you can figure out a very small school of fish coming to feed at a specific beach when there are tons of beaches. It is fun and a puzzle. When you catch fish you think you are doing everything right, but when you don't you just scratch your head because you are doing the same "right" things. That being said Jesse and I have been getting some fairly consistent fish, and it is nice to drive a short distance from home and have the opportunity to catch fish. That's really all you can as for; the opportunity. Some fish have been landed, some have gotten away, some have followed the fly up to your feet without committing to take. All in all I love cutthroat fishing. It is fun, challenging, and you get to do it with a beautiful backdrop of endless water, mountains, and huge trees. What more can you ask for?


Clark Winchell said...

You speak the words of a true angler. Nice to see some of those beauties hit the net. Well done gents.

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

well said, james.