Sunday, June 3, 2012

Picture this.....

Picture this, 45 hours a week office job, no windows and  gearing up for a hectic summer of potential beer sales. Picture dreaming of 7 solid days off fishing in the North Country with your buddies.

Picture how long that week leading up to the trip took..... minutes felt like hours, days seemed weeks long.

Then boom, picture this.... cold , clean , pure streams with famous names, picture old fishing camps built the way they should be, picture World War II Era helicopter fly overs and days spent chumming with your old friends and making new ones.

Picture this...... brook trout that fight like steele, smash the surface and race to the far bank to hold in the current

Picture bugs of all species, late night and early morning tying sessions, getting off the river at 11pm and eating dinner around 12:30 am

Picture huge moose balls and terrific rain storms.

Picture watching a 5+ pound trout feed mere feet away from you in 12" of water.

Picture 5 dudes, 9 rods and a cooler in a 14' aluminum.

Picture setting more than one stranger up for a fish of their life, with a fly  that your friends tied hours before, netting that fish in fast water and snapping that photo.

Picture drag racing canoes at last light

Picture old Maine salts telling stories in a hand made cabin.

Picture getting the go ahead to shout " Tell him to Fuck off you are with the landowner !"

It happened.


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

well told Jasper. it was my honor to join you on the water this past weekend. i look forward to our next trip.


Clark Winchell said...

looks like you boys found yourselves some fish. well done!

Andrew Wilkie said...

What a trip! 3 rivers, 2 ponds, nymphs, dry flies, streamers, daybreak, after dark, wouldn't have changed a thing

Keith said...

Sick beard! Every time I see a picture of that guy on the blog I have to respect it...