Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fishing is About to Hit the Fan

Been rocking a new schedule for the last month or so which has been killing me for four days but opening up a three day weekend. This agrees with my need to get on the water. Had high hopes for a wildman Allagash day trip but was unable to harvest a partner in crime so I made my way to the Rangeley area.

Stung a fish here on my first and third casts on the Puppetmaster that I posted pictures of a couple weeks ago.

Worked streamers and nymphs but the nymphing game was not producing. Bugged out of position A after two brookies and a midsized Salmon. The mile hike out was uphill and a bit of a ballbuster in full fishing garb. No matter, foot on the gas I headed to position B.

Nobody on the river the entire time I was there. Despite the off color water the fishing was fantastic. Olive nymphs were the ticket; Fergusson Trout Bug, Olive Hare's Ears, and Caddis all produced. This spot looks so insignificant with limited drifts available in water over 2 ft. deep but the fish were stacked up.

Fishing alone at both of these places got me crazy jacked about fall fishing; I was in the zone, the fish were cooperating, the sun was out and the temps were low....good times


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

YES. great fish sir. was at the tying bench late last night myself whipping up some creations. about to roll to the OP for this long weekend, thanks for the motivation.

happy birthday stud

Keith said...

Nice work Wilkie.