Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Spring Creek Saga Continues

Lightning strike mission to Silver Creek, ID a couple days ago. Fishing was really slow but we still managed to break off a pair of the biggest browns I've ever seen eat a dry fly. Fishing on top is only 6 and 7x tippets at times, needless to say, this water is TOUGH. When its on though, there is no cooler place on earth. I say this openly because it would be almost impossible for this place to have more crowds than it already does. This Silver Creek squirt did not eat a dry fly
If you're driving East from Silver, don't forget to stop in Arco, Butte County, ID for a burger, shake, and to pick up a 2011-2012 Butte Pirate schedule. I've been told their wrestling team is strong this year.


Andrew Wilkie said...

Haha this is epic. Do they sell t-shirts? Fantastic fish bro

Jesse Lance Robbins said...


Keith said...

Dirty butte pirates... That is great. Nice fishy Morrell.

Morrell said...

looks like they finally figured out the problem with letting the sophomore class create the school mascot- unfortunately the words Butte and Pirate do not appear consecutively on their athletic gear.