Monday, July 11, 2011

When it rains, it pours

Been dry as hell out Colorado way for weeks on end. Fire bans, National Forest roads closed, etc, etc. Came down Hard with a capital H today and still going. Flow in our creek was at 80 CFS this morning, it's at 115 and climbing steady as we speak.

Impromptu guide meeting decision: San Juan Worms. Tomorrow.

A report after tomorrow's trips.


i headed way upstream this morning, above all our feeder creeks and found the water to be barely off-color. tried that worm out just because i wanted to fish em so bad and got one doinker on it... then landed exactly twenty (thanks for 12 year old client counting) on a parachute adams. oh well.


Jasper Walsh said...

Steelhead style with a trout bead... SJW son

Andrew Wilkie said...

You landed 20 while your 12 year old client counted? :)

Keith said...

Robbins seems to have a lot of 12 year old male "clients" around him these days :)