Saturday, June 4, 2011


On may 26th, the Jackson Hole snow water equivalent a.k.a. moisture pack (total moisture in snow remaining in the mountains) was at 232% OF AVERAGE FOR THIS TIME OF YEAR. The last BIG runoff year they can compare this to is 1997 where, on May 26th, the moisture pack was at 142% of average.

The snowdepth at Rendezvous Bowl at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort was 159 inches deep on May 26th, 17 inches deeper than on closing day (April 3rd) and deeper than anything seen in the last 45 years.

One of the main roads into town from the South has been taken out by a landslide and they have reopened the local avalanche forcasting sight indefinitely for the spring/summer for the area for the first time in history.

Experts are expecting the Upper Snake River to flow at over 30,000 cfs this year.

In a year where wild and nasty weather seems to be the norm, Western Wyoming could be making national news as well. Here's hoping runoff doesn't continue into August and my float tube holds air through the lake fishing season.

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