Monday, May 30, 2011

Can I get a boo yah ?

Sorry to be a post whore this weekend, but after three days of help from friends and very little sleep.....

She floats !

I am happy to say that she is done, I need to finish up the anchor system and bolt in the rear caster's brace, and some cup holders for 16oz pounders but all in all done.

I am also happy to offer free drifts for Solid Hookups members, guided by Andrew Wilkie and Jesse Robbins (when available) on most of New England's river. You bring lunch and you fish for free.

Live life, Jasper


Jesse Lance Robbins said...


what liquor did you break over the side?

Andrew Wilkie said...

Post whore, drift boat whore, regular whore; I love them all. Great work my man, one hell of a project! Can't wait to stand on her

Keith said...

Booo yah.

Jasper Walsh said...

Thank you boys, I look forward to fishing from it with all of you.
JLR a big ole bottle of Heineken popped the cork and let her rip. Off to Solon next weekend, I will keep you posted. Magalloway the weekend after that... Wilkes Booth are you in ?