Friday, June 10, 2011

100 Best Things To Do While Drinking A Beer

I found the start of this list from a while back, not sure who I started it with (Robbins?) and clearly didn't get very far, but I figured the best way to approach 100 is to post it here and let the whole BFC help finish it in the comments section.

The 100 Best Things To Do While Drinking A Beer
(in no particular order)

Listen to bluegrass
Tie flies
Rock in a chair
Pet a dog
Watch a baseball game
Make eye contact with a girl
Shoot pool
Clean a gun
Throw Darts
Operate a grill
Drive a golf cart
Smoke a cigar
Watch a sunset
Watch a sunrise
Wader up


S. Neil Larsen said...

- get a second beer ready for when the first runs out
- talk shit
- light a fire

Andrew Wilkie said...

- Greasing a Giant Bluefin while having your buddy hold the can to your lips
- Discussing the plan for tomorrow
- Raiding the fridge
- Sitting in the back of a boat/canoe watching a friend sling some line at rising fish

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

-pump a keg
-drive on a dirt road
-post on solidhookups

Morrell said...

float down a creek in an inner tube

Jeff Critchlow said...

-tell stories about the fish and the girls that got away
-take a shower
-watch any boston sports team

Halsch said...

-Sit in a lawn chair
-have a dip

Chet said...

Watch the Bruins win the Stanley Cup!

BillyGas said...

-Take off a pair of ski boots
-Gettin a humdinger
-Sit in an airplane
-Work on an old car