Sunday, October 10, 2010

Silver Creek, Idaho

"There comes a time in the life journey of a fly fisher when the soul needs testing as much as the mind. The skills of casting, reading water, fly selection, and presentation have been honed to fine edges. Countless giants have been caught and released. The motivation that carries an angler from river to stream no longer involves mere numbers or goals.
Place becomes as important as pounds. The combination of immaculate stream with fabled fish, awe-inspiring scenery and classic hatches commands the angler's quest. Ultimately it brings him to Silver Creek, Idaho's quintessential river of dreams" -Ken Retallic and Rocky Barker

Fortunately for us, this intimidating prerequisite for Silver Creek didn't entirely hold true as almost every fish in the public stretch was sipping blue winged olive's with reckless abandon and didn't give a damn about our presentation skills not honed to fine edges. One of the most prolific mayfly hatches i've ever seen. 15 or so fish were netted, rainbows approaching 30 inches were seen. Quite the place...


Dan Huff said...

That's a pile of bugs. Any fish pictures to share?

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

awesome post morrell. made me chuckle, bro.