Sunday, June 20, 2010

Segment from an email from a friend known as the Dr.

Fishing has a funny way of making things right for a man. I've started to realize that over time. Maybe you have too. When things in life don't seem to be going well, fishing seems to pick up and even things out. It's almost like Posiedon is trying to make things right... It's one of these amazing things that makes you feel like there is some sort of spiritually entity out there watching things and making sure those that seek the freedom are taken care of. I remember several years ago, my girlfriend broke up with me and I was really bumming. My fishing buddy Dave happened to call me and asked if I wanted to try and nab some bass from shore fishing around Boston. I thought to myself, "well this will at least get my mind off her" so I decided to fish. We elected to make a Sunday afternoon trip down to the cape instead, and take my boat out, and wouldn't you know it, we came upon a pile of bass on one of the rips, just off waquoit bay... and we crushed them. Every time we dropped down we had a bass between 20-35 pounds, this lasted until the wee hours of the morning, bass after bass, it became silly. It was the beginning of July, the water was warm, those bass has no business being where they were, but they were there... To this day I think it was Poseidon trying to throw a chip my way, telling me that not all was lost. It's weird, but fishing always seems to even things out.

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Keith said...

that's some "solid" advice rigght there...