Thursday, October 1, 2009

Brooklyn Fishing Derby - Should We Field A BFC Team?

Esteemed BFC colleagues, news of the First Annual Brooklyn Fishing Derby made it to my inbox this morning, take a look at the website here. A pretty great idea, and run by a couple organizations I'm sad I'm just now hearing about. I've got a bit of free time coming up, so if anyone is in NYC (or coming to NYC) and wants to get involved in some urban fishing let me know and we can field a BFC in Brooklyn team.

Also, apart from the safe assumption that nothing lives in the Gowanus Canal– one of the most polluted waterways in America, which I live next to–I know very little about fishing in the city, so if you know of any good resources send them my way.


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

i support Team BFC in this derby with all my heart.

urban angler in manhattan might be a good resource for locales.

Dylan MacLean said...


i know there's only a weekend left or so, but i would be down for taking part. fuck, who knows we could catch another one of those montauk monsters.