Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Sunday Success

A little morning drizzle then sunny skies accompanied Nando, Maclean, and myself on a drive North to the Dead on Sunday. After a brief stop to meet Wilkie, we were off and running.

Sending Shockwaves through the Farmington fashion industry.

Slow to start but a handful of fish were brought to net on buggers and a few lost on ghosts.

The Escape


Andrew Wilkie said...

keep the posts coming man, glad to have you back.

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

morrell, that first pic is money in (out of) the bank. i also really like the moose shot. definite keeper. nice fish too. sounds like the bfc cures its fishing hangovers with fishing. rightly so.

Andrew Wilkie said...

Robbins, funny thing is, I was actually putting money in the bank....not removing it. :)

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

ha! well then

Keith said...

Nice sized brookies men!