Saturday, April 18, 2009

Open Water Fished in '09

Looking forward to seeing responses to this post; I'd like to see what other waters people have been on so far this season. I think we'll all have a pretty impressive spectrum of fisheries to list.

Water fished so far this season:

Androscoggin River, ME
Sabattus Stream, ME
Nezinscot River, ME
Collyer Brook, ME
Kimball Pond, ME
Messalonskee Stream, ME
Belgrade Stream, ME
Outlet of Great Pond, ME
Outlet of Flying Pond, ME
Salmon River, NY
Royal River, ME
Meadow Stream, ME


pete said...

the river known as the atlantic ocean has been fished by me. couldn't find any fish in it though. did see some .5-1" shrimp, 1" and 5" baitfish the other night. there is life. loads of birds around. and the ospreys have been back for a little while. sure they are eating something...

Jake said...

You can include:

Scargo Pond, MA
Sheeps Pond, MA
Lake Quinsigamond, MA

Keith said...

Pete, there are holdovers way up in great pond by the bridge. All small schoolies from what I've heard. Mashpee run is filled with herring so the bass can't be more than a week behind. Good luck man. I won't get out until three weeks from now.

pete said...

thank you there sir. those holdovers have been punished for bad behavior with a shaft of metal through their face enough times by now :-)

the new moon on friday will perhaps bring some fish who have traveled many miles to meet me.

you're just showin up fashionable late, keith. just about when the big mama's stumble out of the bar...

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

St. George River, ME
Mousam River, ME
Crystal Lake, ME
Pleasant River, ME
Presumpscot River, ME
Little River, ME

guess that's it for now