Tuesday, February 24, 2009

That Time

It's gettin' to be that time.

That time when the excitement really kicks in. That time when just about all your daydreams involve you and the water. That time of the year when you realize just how long it's been since you were standing in a river fishing. That time when you get your reels out and pull some line off just to hear and feel them again; say Whatup to 'em.

That time of the year when you start thinking about where and how you'll fish on the first. That time of the year when the rivers under bridges start to look like rivers as opposed to veins of ice. That time when the you start checking the calendar to see what weekend your annual trips fall on. I think it's called Spring and like I said, it's gettin' to be that time, but it ain't just yet.

Every Spring L.L.Bean hosts an annual Spring Fishing Expo. This year's Expo is March 21st and 22nd and there are some guests you've probably heard of, if not read about or read what they wrote. Find the Expo schedule here.

This year's big-name guests: Flip Pallot, Joan Wulff, Stu Apte, Mark Sosin and Tim Rajeff among others.

I'm planning on attending at least one day and would love to rendez-vous at a place like this. Anyone interested?


Keith said...

Throbbins, I'm in for one of the talks. Let's discuss details on the road south!

Andrew Wilkie said...

This has potential, count me in