Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Highland Lake Report - Winter Edition

A large contingent of Portlandites, five from Beantown and another half-dozen from Brook took to the ice of Highland Lake last Saturday. 5 traps in and 3 Coffee Brandys poured by 8 am, another 5 holes punched by 11 and all was well.

13 flags went up over the course of the day, three smallies aced, the one below around 16" courtesy of Big Al and his Beard.
The three pictures above courtesy of amateur photog and BFC initiate, the lovely Miss Anna Schechter.


Andrew Wilkie said...

NICE.....I'm liking the new action the blog is seeing; nice photos bro.

pete said...

oh its delightful to see the smiling face of that bag o things we call john james nissen 3rd.

and the machais!

and that bearded thing the nice smally is holding up...

and all of those pyramid block! (myles, its laughable how much of a bitch you are)

and all on the ice! wonderful.

Keith said...

The all male ice pyramid is a lost art