Thursday, October 16, 2008

man i love this picture

here is a picture of my friend mica, taken a few weeks ago here in falmouth. every time i look at the thing i can't help but smile. his sandals! and the thing looks like it was taken decades ago. and thats quite a blue for the 8 weight!

god those sandals.

this guy also did that art for the cover of "thisisfly" a few issues ago.


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

everything he's got one looks circa 1976. except maybe that large arbor ha

Keith said...

I feel like I've run into that dude before. The rubber flip flop is underrated in its utility for surfcasting.

pete said...

he's a dude around the hole most summers. scarce this year, but here for a bit. great guy, when he and i were 5 ish we would kick it at the beach. he was here for two weeks at the beginning of september, and not once did i see him with anything but those flops on. wading about, clambering over rocks. landing huge bluefish.