Sunday, August 17, 2008

There are tons of trout streams in Southwestern Massachusetts and this one is super cold, clear and devoid of any anglers. 10 minutes from the New York and Connecticut borders was the last place I expected to sight cast for healthy rainbows in the middle of summer The 14" fish in the pic took a bead head Hares Ear. Also of interest: The Mexican food is unbeatable in the area and there are just under 50 antique stores in a 10 mile stretch along route 7 (No joke).


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

hell yea boy. 2 questions:

1) what's the name of the stream?
2) what the hell were you doing in southwestern massachusetts?

Andrew Wilkie said...

nice fish buddy

Morrell said...

Green River in Great Barrington
I've also heard the Deerfield is

2)My girlfriend's parents live less than 15 minutes away in Sheffield and I was down for a visit.

...lets get on the water soon