Monday, June 23, 2008

"The take instantly validates our efforts, conferring a measure of definitiveness and closure to an enterprise otherwise riddled with uncertainty and inconclusiveness. Few things in life, I think, have this to offer." - Ted Leeson


pete said...

well said sir. the take, that feeling of sudden connection with another living creature, is one of if not the best fishing feeling. the other day i was fishing with a spin rod armde with topwater plugs, and fish were all over our offerings. my needlefish was the object of many tail slaps, noisy vicious stun intending attacks which sent the lure sailing into the air but resulted in no hookups. the validation was still there in full effect. i had tricked the fish. it was doing whatever it was doing, and then i came along and the fish switched its focus to my presence and what i brought to the situation.

if i were not there, the fish would not have thrased its tail when and in the manner it did. to me this is tremendous. effecting reality with ones presence.

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

i had a feeling you'd like that one, pete