Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A phew from the phone

Per Jasper's request:
Spey Clave - Sandy, Oregon. 
There are lots of toys to play around with, and lots of good casters to play with them. 

Yakima River - Between Ellensburg and Yakima, Washington.
This hole is called Pacman, as you could guess.  Keith told you about the caddis that day, but he didn't tell you about this hole.  We didn't catch anything here.

Fay Bainbridge Park - Bainbridge Island, Washington.
This was the scene I was greeted with a while back as I went to catch the morning outgoing.  I missed a few that day and didn't hook any. 

Henry's Fork - Ashton, Idaho.
When I'm in Idaho, I usually defer angling plans to one or both of these guys.  We didn't fish this stretch.

The Harbour Public House - Bainbridge Island, Washington.
This is a picture of a picture of old timey Bainbridge Loggers.  I'm pretty sure this is Lucas' ancestor.

Everglades National Park - Florida
Who knew The Master could poll a flats skiff too?

Sassy's - Portland, Oregon.
Worth a visit.


Jasper Walsh said...

Ha ha awesome dump JLR, thanks for playing along.

Clark Winchell said...

A fine dump indeed Robbins.

Keith said...

Tell me where Lucas keeps the time machine....