Sunday, November 9, 2014

I've got a new lucky T Shirt

I'm not much of a superstition-ist......
A little bit maybe...
I wear the same t shirt everytime I fish, I don't know why, but it helps.
I had it on on the OI when I first went out, on the SR during recent trips, many days and nights in this old green Chive t shirt.

I brought that shirt with me last week when old Wilkie and I few out to Wisconsin to fish for musky.
I had won an online raffle for a few days of guided fishing with Musky Country Outfitters. The raffle was set up to raise money for a guy and his wife who were trying to have a child, I would have donated regardless of the chance to win a trip like that.... but.... selfishly I was already planning.

Other than sprinting through the Philly airport with 10 mins to catch our connecting flight, the old man and I had fine traveling. We made it and had time to sit down and enjoy a "juicy lucy" at the airport.
We had read that if you are traveling through the twin cities you must get one of these cheese infused hamburgers. Bam.... it was fine !

We settled in to the "musky lab" our home away from home for the next few days. A mobile home style "tiny house", full kitchen and bath room, complete with a midget stripper loft with a ceiling height of 4'.

We drove north our first day in search of steelhead in a small river. No love (Still in the old T Shirt mind you)

The old man nymphing a likely holding spot near a discarded pumpkin.

The next few days we floated and hucked big flies for toothies. It was awesome.

Day three I changed my shirt, our last chance to land a fish in Wisco and I needed all the help I could get.
I laced on the new Solid Hookups T and we set out for our last float in the snow and rain.

Right place at the right time for a truly special fish. We floated the rest of the day in the driving rain and didn't see another swimmer. I think I'll be sporting the SH shirt more often on the water, I hope yours is bringing you luck as well.
Thank you,


Keith said...

Awesome fish Jasper! Congrats!

Clark Winchell said...

Love it bud! Amazing fish and you certainly earned that one through years at the vice and research near and far! There are musky up in the North, don't forget! Congrats!

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

Just plain awesome. awesome trip fellas. I knew you'd find 'em! Well done, and congrats!