Monday, June 9, 2014

good fortune

Had a work trip cancellation due to a random delay at JFK that gave me Sunday off. Weather looked good so I called Captain Doug and off we went. Left the dock at 1130 PM, arrived in Atlantis Canyon around 345AM. For the first hour of light, we had solid action from small to medium yellows. Landed nine in total although only 3 of them were reasonably sized. After that things slowed to a crawl. We fished until 1PM without another bite and trolled all the way to Veatch, some 30 miles east. On the way home we stumbled on some small bluefins and killed one for good measure.

Not a banner trip, but a decent trip, and encouraging early in the year. Could we be in store for another repeat of 2010? We can only hope...

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Clark Winchell said...

OI gettin it done! Per usual!