Saturday, March 15, 2014

T Bone predator fly

I have not hooked enough predator fish. I blame this not on lack of skill or time spent casting.
I blame this singularly on the fact that I haven't had the right fly.
So this winter has been spent researching and then copying flies I've found on the interwebs.

This is a fly originally tied by Blane Chocklette, a southern musky guide and the inventor of the new "game changer." I just copied it and one similar tied by a guy name Matt Myles. My hope is it will trigger a response from our pike and musky. I'll keep you posted.

18 photo slideshow : step by step below


Keith said...

what do you do when your flies become too good looking to fish? what do you do then jasper?

Halsch said...

Nice looking tie there!