Friday, February 14, 2014

Mermaid Ride Tees!

Greetings all!  It is with great excitement that I show you the newest addition to the Solid Hookups apparel collection:  The 'Mermaid Ride' Tee:

The design was inspired while returning home from a successful fishing trip aboard the Offshore Investment.  In the third hour of our run home, staring into the setting sun with an exhaustion that can be achieved only by two sleepless nights combined with two fish-ful days, I found myself in a state that could be described as alertly asleep; in other words, I was not fully awake per se, but I could've accomplished any angling task placed in front of me.  I was told later that during the four hour journey home, I urinated twice off the stern with closed eyes, using no hands for support.  During this trance, I observed one of the most breathtaking angling displays.  My vision was distorted, as I was staring directly into the sunlight on the choppy water, but I saw a beautiful mermaid in the water.  She was on her back, in a relaxed, reclined position.  She wielded a rod with line that extended a distance behind her.  I observed her only for a moment before her line went tight, she set the hook and immediately dove head first, following her line.  Another moment passed before I saw a massive Bluefin tuna break the surface and only a few feet behind, the mermaid in tow, rod in hand.  The two creatures paused in mid-air, long enough for the above image to become imprinted in my brain. 

I passed on the above story to renowned Seattle artist Kyler Martz and he was kind enough to put the idea on paper.  I recommend taking a look at his work via his website here or his Instagram @kylermartz. 
Available in Heather Grey in sizes Medium, Large and Extra-Large, the shirts cost $20 even, which includes shipping to your door. 

To order, follow this link, or navigate to the Solid Hookups store via the top navigation bar.  Limited quantities are available, so get your orders in ASAP.  If we sell out of these with pending demand, we can do another run and get some more in!


Jasper Walsh said...

Done, ordered, fine work JLR

Andrew Wilkie said...

I second that! Order placed

Keith said...

Its hard for me to tel if that's a great looking shirt or if your making that shirt look great.

Order made.