Sunday, February 2, 2014

13 Days Deep

A number of fine characters have ventured onto the ice in 2014 battling temps as low as -23F, snow, rain and winds over 40 mph; I've enjoyed them all.  Good days of fishing have outnumbered the slow ones but I continue to remind myself that they're all good days.  Here is your 2014 Pike sampler.


River - Feeding the eagles

Chris - 13.5lbs

Jay -17.5lbs (First Pike)

Silas - 11.5lbs (First Pike) Had a complete leader rig in it's mouth from one of my traps earlier in the season


Norm - 14lbs (First Pike)

20lbs - 41.5"

All were released.....

Lets hope they keep creeping up as the weeks continue; looking forward to getting on the ice with many of you in the near future.  Keep on slaying!


Keith said...

Awesome specimens boys. I assume River went for the above water level release...

Lucas "Horm" Young said...

I'm impressed with the consistently large fish for all the first-timers you're showing around, Wik. I think that's pretty solid testament to your fishing acumen and overall "fishiness".

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

yeehaw! can't wait to step onto the ice with you once again! see ya in a few