Friday, November 29, 2013

Feeding the Addiction

During Thanksgiving break my friend Johnny and I decided to trek up to the Eastern Sierras for a spur the moment trip to feed the addiction. It began with a long night of driving a chilly and dry trek down the canyon ridge to the creek. It’s safe to say Hot creek is a spring creek that isn’t one of those well kept secrets. Fly fisherman come across the country to fish this prestigious river with the idea that they will easily slay. This may be because it boasts the  most fish per mile in the nation. But don’t let that fool you.

This being my 15th year on the river, I situated myself in my favorite hole. My arrival to the river was impeccable as a prolific caddis hatch was erupting. Initiating a feeding frenzy of fish boiling madness. But these fish are too perversely mechanical and selective for madness. As I grab my fly box my original instinct led me to reach for my caddis dry assortment. With my hand on the box several things suddenly striked me at once. In my periphery of my consciousness I can see the trout feeding more subsurface, while occasionally slurping the surface. It might be the caddis emerger and if it is the caddis emerger it could be any one of the inordinate number of patterns, colors, and sizes. Changing patterns, colors, and sizes throughout the day is not only a ritual but a necessity for fishing here. Much like the few hot girls at Bates College being very "selective" because  constant pressure of every guy on campus hitting on them. These trout are what I like to call “educated”; that is they are well trained because of heavy fly-fishing pressure and years of catch and release only regulations to be careful what they eat. They are sometimes moved by the finest of distinctions, like a slightly or darker shade of tan, a turn less of hackle, a pinch more of dubbing, a gold rib instead of silver. However, actual pattern seems no more important than style and execution. Tying on an olive colored size 20 caddis emerger I spot a perfect spot to present my offering. Bang! I slip a strike set and lift my tip to the joy of a wiggle and a run as I have a big girl on the end of line tugging down the river. It just doesn't get any better than this. That’s why I love this river it’s a new puzzle every day. Here's some pics from the trip.

Sight fishing for rainbows

When the mood is right these selective fish are down for a good ol threesome. The smaller fish took a dry and the larger fish inhaled it within seconds.


Thought I would post my 30 inch brown that I caught 2 years ago to show you guys the monsters that lurk in this small crick.

Thanks to the guys for making the Salmon River trip this year such a great time. Looking forward to fish with you guys again in the future.


Andrew Wilkie said...

Yeehaw! Right from one great trip to another.....awesome stuff man. Beautiful fish, well done.

Morrell said...

That brown is ridonculous. Looks like a great spot

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

great read! i love the shot of the river with the mountains. keep it up, young fella!

Keith said...

I would like to fish hot creek. Nice work brother!

Andy Cannon said...

Solid stuff. And now, back to studying for Eason's Japan final. The fujiwara are going to take my virginity.