Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cheap Date in a Cheap Room

Another gem to the west, another stretch of filthy good days on the water. Day one I enjoyed with two buddies from Alden Camps (Jeff & Carter), Day two Clark, Morrell and Katherine teamed up for another crushfest.  Katherine had never landed a fish, let alone held a fly rod prior to this excursion....she was a quick study.

I'm going to treat this post like a cheap date you've taken to a cheap room; you all know what you came for so I'll skip the dialogue and get down to business.



And as an added bonus I'll throw in a picture of Jon Robbins who ventured north and west to this very river and landed a slob of his own.  It's that time of year


BillyGas said...

I can't take much more of this, please stop. Insanity. Winchell is even cracking a smile for the camera...must have been really good.

Seems my departure from Maine was a little premature.

Clark Winchell said...


Morrell said...

Will it ever stop...yo i don't know

Jesse Lance Robbins said...


i'm going to start choosing my nail polish to match the fish i'm after.

Keith said...

More slob brookies, just another day in Wilkie's honey holes...