Monday, February 4, 2013

PNW roadtrip

Wilkie and I made the trip to the west coast. We had realistic ideas of what this trip would entail, and although we did not sting a fish, we were both pleased. I had a chance to meet some members of the SolidHookups family and was treated like a king.

So let me break this thing down for you, flight from Portland to Newark then Newark to Seattle.
Picked up from the airport by one S. Neil , chauffeured in a murdered out Honda to a meal of fresh dungeness crab and some trip planning.

An evening fit for kings with outstanding company, a short ferry ride to Bainbridge, our home base for the next day and sleep.

Armed with our detailed maps and after picking up Too Tall Fontaine, the three of us hit the beaches in search of some sea run cutties. This is what I hear they look like, props to Halsch for the detailed painting to help us identify our targets.

We cast at the Pacific and took in the sights of snow capped mountains, seals, sea lions and downtown Seattle. Then off to the Sage World Headquarters for our VIP tour. I wish I could show you the magic that was happening inside, but this was the only photo I was allowed.

We picked up Neil and drove northwest to the fabled PNW, during the drive we had a chance to catch up with JLR and learn about his favorite new song, playing at the top of the page, rest assured boys.....he is fine.

Then we fished

We rested some

We saw the sights and left in good spirits, steelehead or not

There is some great video footage from this trip that will be up soon, it is in post production right now.
Thank you to Wilkie, JLR, Halsch, S. Neil, Too Tall Fontaine et all for making this trip what it was.
There are hundreds of photos and stories missing from this adventure, more to come.
Thank you,


Keith said...

thats a big tree right there boys

Andrew Wilkie said...

Wish there had been a big fish to go along with the big tree. Unbelievable territory, phenomenal trip and even better company.

Jesse Lance Robbins said...

what can i say boys. that was some of most fun i've had since i came out here. wish we could've made it a week!