Sunday, December 30, 2012


I am sorry for multiple posts, I understand that as an honorary member I may be over stepping my bounds.

But I did want to give you an update from Maine ice.

Opening day was a bit of a sneaker, jumping out at us somewhat unprepared.
Early ice this year in some less than desirable areas led foolish men in search of bait and free time.

The "opener" snuck up on us but rest assured we are now ready for the real season to begin.


As normal Old Man River set us up in a choice spot, gave Brother Maxfield and I the finest locations, mixed perfect 50/50 brandy's and provided sustenance. The dance has begun my friends ... don't let it sneak by.



Andrew Wilkie said...

As an honorary member you're expected to make multiple posts! Walsh neglected to mention this was his biggest Pike to date. A fine 36" specimen and a fine way to kick off the season. Stoked for the real openener on Tuesday.

Halsch said...

keep them coming

Jesse Lance Robbins said...