Thursday, November 29, 2012

Third Wheel

I got an invite to fish some steel, I would be the third wheel a role I am comfortable with.
A friend of mine from Maine was flying out to PA to fish with a friend of his who happends to be from my home town. So like any wise man I jumped on board and flew westward.

 We stopped in Philadelphia

Flew on to only to find reports of low water. Off to western NY .
The locals were less than friendly and there was some concern for our belongings in the parked car but the water looked too good not to fish.

Terrible photos of a beautiful run below......

When you are the third guy you get second rate fish photos

The creek we fished held smaller fish than the mighty SR but day one brought some chrome rockets

Mike is all smiles

We were fishing a bead hatch and picking up a few fish but I had come here with one thing in mind, swinging up one of these fish. I had a few things in my favor, Mike is a professional fly tyer and worked up some beauties for me.

Robbins sold me the perfect stick and all I needed was some time to thrash about.

Thank you.


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

mega! congrats jasper! good on ya! pretty fish and pretty bugs.

BillyGas said...

Thataboy Stainless!!! Congrats on that sucker. Beaut.

Keith said...

Well done Jasper. I too just landed my first chromer on the swing. So sweet casting that Scandanavian head... Silky smooth like melted butter between well tanned thighs... Looks like I'll be spending some money very soon on my own set up. Nice fish brother. A beaut.