Thursday, November 8, 2012

Just Grande

In the very southeast corner of Washington and the very northeast corner of Oregon, through the high desert canyons, northward runs a river that is the destination of Pacific summer-run steelhead.  So we went there.

Between six fishermen, the first two days yielded one steelhead landed, one steelhead lost and several chinook to hand.  A worthy by-catch, for sure.  

Then, as sometimes happens when steelheading, our luck changed in the final hour of the final day.  In our last run, three steelhead were hooked in a half hour.  The hooks held on two of them, tails were grabbed, and anglers were happy.  All was Grande.  

ADDENDUM:  you can just barely make out the fly in my steelhead above.  It was our guide's pattern, called Halle Berry:  black body, hot ass.


Clark Winchell said...

Some beauties in there my friend, well done. Nice chinook! Although you don't have the $-shot that all of the green, mold-ridden salmon of the western NY can put out! I prefer your fish, tasty?

Keith said...

Awesome fish Robbins. Well done.

Andrew Wilkie said...

Awesome trip my man, glad to hear the play by play on the telephone. Nothing like a trip coming together in the final moments after a tough few days. Those west coast Kings actually look like something that a man would want to catch. Really makes you realize how goddamn ugly those Great Lakes Salmon really are. Well done my friend, really fired up to join you on the water in a week!