Saturday, August 18, 2012

There should be an expriation date on maps

I got a hot tip from brother Wick.
Go here, he says. There will be fish.

So I bust out the gazetteer and make some circles on the map. Drive, hike in , fish.

Pick up Nate at 6am and head North, find said logging road after an few hours of driving and start making some progress. Things do not look the way that they were described but I was pumped and my ole map was looking pretty good.

Boom, road washed out, 4wd in the Yaris in not a standard factory option so we took a foot.

For two miles down the logging road.
In waders.

At this point I am certain that we are not on the right logging road but I could hear the water and having left said shitty map in the car, trusted my gut.

We found the water, and some small fish, and a moose tooth but after 5 hours of hiking down a brook, had still not come to the land of milk and honey that Wick described. 5 hours back, up hill, sans waders.

A solid day,
Thank you.

PS. Wick, I know I came in from the wrong side but I thought it looked better on the map.