Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rum Line: Fully Loaded

I am an incredibly pathetic member of the Bates Fishing Club. I do find myself drunk more than just on occasion, but sadly it almost never comes hand in hand with fishing these days. Until now. Sailing the rum line from Cape Cod to Bermuda had been at the top of the list for some salty friends and myself and we finally made it happen two weeks ago. Leaving Cuttyhunk Island dressed to the nines upon the vessel Yellow Rose, things deteriorated quickly in all facets of our personal upkeep. Liquor and Pop Tarts came out as clothes came off, and hangovers became confused with seasickness on a regular basis. Despite all this, we did manage to put some lines in the water. In 5 days on the high seas we only had one bite, but it was quite the bite for four drunk individuals in an 8' by 8' cockpit. As requested by Mr. Jesse Lance Robbins after hearing the stories, I offer a glimpse of the great (possibly White?) Marlin wrangled from the depths of the Sargasso Sea somewhere between 1200 and 1600 using a hand line, June 20 (something) 2012. Specifics of the endeavor include intense anxiety watching our captain pull the line hand over hand into the boat, a lot of yelling, whiskey wasted on the deck, and someone blindly snapping pictures over the rail. In the end, the Marlin went unharmed and the crew got loaded, again.


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

this rum line seems like something i should be more educated on. thanks for writting, gurl.

capt. lane, please confirm the type of marlin shown.

Clark Winchell said...

Capt can confirm but I believe that there to be a White. Real pretty fish. Well done!

I can only imagine the caos that would have ensued had tuna taken a liking to that hand line!

Keith said...

That's one of the pretiest whites I've seen! This also sounds like an incredible voyage. 8 x 8 cabin all the way to bermuda? Holy smokes!