Monday, June 18, 2012

In the garden of your mind ......

Click this song and give it a least until the part where auto tuned Mr. Rogers jams out on the slide whistle ....

Every year the Bangor Daily News ( local newpaper ) gives away a guided drift boat trip down the East Outlet of the Kennebec River. This year I won.

The best part is that I did not even sign up, I was out fishing while a woman that I work with was attending the local sportsman show and saw a drift boat inside the auditorium. "Jasper likes driftboats" she said and entered my name. Boo Yah

So Sunday morning I am driving north with the outdoor editor of the Bangor paper and chatting about Atlantic Salmon, deer, moose and a black bear welcomed us as we made our way to Greenville.

I have had a few guides in my driftboat but had never been on a guided float before and I had quite a time.

Caddis on the water like fuzz on a peach, double dry rigs and as many 10"-14" salmon and brook trout as a man could dream off came to the net.

Not to mention some stellar scenery

( Crank that volume down to 50%)

Great company, blue bird day, plenty of good conversation and willing fish but there was
one thing happened in the boat that really fired me up. I asked an off handed question about musky, something that had been festering in garden of my mind since I received a package in the mail from Clark. I got an detailed answer, with some inside info from our guide. So now plans will be made, large hooks will be wrapped with hair and thread and fish will be presented too....the rest is up in the air.
But it is good to be curious about  many things....... then all you gotta do is try.

Thank you to Dan Legere of the Maine Guide Fly Shop for an excellent day on the water and to John Holyoke and the Bangor Daily News for making this happen.


Jesse Lance Robbins said...

wow, that youtube link was not what i was expecting, yet very enlightening.

this story was also unexpected! what a great surprise! sounds like y'all had a great day on the water. keep it up my man.

Clark Winchell said...

you are a man tortured by the toothy fish of the northern lands...go get your fly rod musky, Jasper, she waits to dance with you...

Andrew Wilkie said...

Well I suppose I will have to chase them with you. This was a fine trip; old Danny didn't realize who he had on the boat. Take ten percent of your Pike passion and devote it to huge Brook Trout and we will have you holding a tank before summer's end.

Andrew Wilkie said...
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